Free Agency All Over The Damn Place

• Vince Carter will continue to be a New Jersey Net. I'm sorry, New Jersey. [ESPN]
• Meanwhile, Jason Kapono becomes a Raptor. [ESPN]
• And Joe Thornton will remain a San Jose Shark. [SI]
• And Frankie Lampard rejected a deal to become the most well-paid player in Chelsea history. [Soccernet]
• Can I e-mail you, Rich… » 7/01/07 5:15pm 7/01/07 5:15pm

Mike Hargrove's Fading Passion

Ignoring Crash Davis's sage advice, "Never fuck with a winning streak," Mariners manager Mike Hargrove is stepping down. He's not really giving a reason, other than to say that "his passion has begun to fade." I just think he needs to hang out with David Ross more. That'll get the passion going. » 7/01/07 3:03pm 7/01/07 3:03pm

David Ross Enjoys Life As A Major Leaguer

"TheNaturalMevs" of DiamondHoggers is rather upset with Reds catcher David Ross. Not just for his low batting average, but for his philandering ways. After the jump (and I can't tell exactly where that will be, the site just puts the jump wherever the hell it feels like these days), a story from a blogger's wife about… » 7/01/07 3:01pm 7/01/07 3:01pm

Wal-Mart's Automotive Department Tends To Make Me Cranky, Too

You may remember YouTube sensation Kige Ramsey's feral enthusiasm in this take on the Cincinnati Bengals. Kige is back, and good news: The lighting for his video has improved. Because he's in Wal-Mart. Talking about Michelle Wie. For YouTube. » 7/01/07 1:42pm 7/01/07 1:42pm

For Your Sunday Afternoon Viewing Pleasure...

12:00, NBC. Tennis. Wimbledon Coverage.
2:30, TNT. NASCAR. Nextel Cup. Lenox Industrial Tools 300.
1:00, TBS. MLB. Atlanta Braves @ Florida Marlins.
1:00, FOX. Formula One Racing. Grand Prix of France.
2:00, ESPN. Champ Car World Series Racing. Grand Prix of Mont-Tremblant.
3:00, NBC. LPGA Golf. U.S. Women's Open… » 7/01/07 12:32pm 7/01/07 12:32pm